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the zero alcohol company

Our Company is called "nothing".  Funny, right ?

Georges Niets, a century ago, has inspired many botanists and we have his books based on his research in the 20’s. A triple distillation, 100% natural ingredients, a manufacturing secret (we are not coca-cola), and a know-how to keep Georges' memory alive in each bottle we produce. Cheers!

The Group's management team includes the founders of the business, who have considerable experience in F&B sourcing, On-trade & Off-trade Distribution, Event Hospitality, and Marketing of Excellence In Premium Brands.

The inspiration behind NietsCo. company was to create and provide Hospitality professionals and individuals traditionally distilled quality spirits, but always 100% alcohol-free (hence the name).

At NietsCo, we do not have to cultivate diversity, nor fairness. It is an essential commodity, an ingredient of our DNA. We all share our colleagues' goals, our KPIs and our successes. So far, it has gotten far, as one team, like never before.

Curious? You are welcome to contact us and have a look at our job offers on Linkedin!

The mission : Best in class is everything we do, leading the market as specialist of the alcohol-free trend.

The mission of Niets Co. is to provide every consumer with the best alternatives to alcoholic beverages through the development and distribution of high quality products.

Our focus is on people who either by choice, for health reasons or as a break from the norm, must not, cannot or do not want to drink alcohol.

They may, however, have reason to enjoy a cocktail, a drink that implies a ‘sense of occasion’, and therefore not just a fruit juice or a sugary soft drink.


The way we operate in Belgium made us successful. As a matter of fact, we will replicate our strategy at an international level. Until becoming the benchmark!

Beside the product, Niets Co. focuses on the development of recipes, created in collaboration with brand ambassadors who demonstrate the growth and potential of the alcohol-free (No-Low) segment.

“I have a great team with which I have built a great network of partners. I know that 75% of the quality of work depends on people and passion, more than the product itself.

Our business partners around the world trust us, acknowledge our people and the quality of our marketing.

This is where Niets Co. is different, and sustainable."

- Alexander Hauben-Niets.



Fosbury and Sons, Boitsfort.

Our Offices are at Fosbury & Sons, in 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussels. A place to work, share, grow, laugh and build Niets Co., the 0.0% Alcohol Company.

Close to our communication agencies and partners, we share the same passion to be part of a working space with efficient commercial and marketing activities.


  • 185 Chaussée de la Hulpe,  
           1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
  • +32 475 84 84 44 WhatsApp + General office
  • sales@nietszero.com